About TGSI

About TGSIWe are the Tsukiden Global Solutions, Inc. or TGSI. Strategically located in the heart of Manila where there is an abundance of Filipino IT talent, we cater to the business applications, telecommunications design, quality assurance, embedded systems and development needs of OEM companies.

Skilled IT Manpower On Demand

TGSI provides its clients the advantage of having our hardworking, committed and talented manpower on demand, where you need it and when you need it at a cost that fits your development budget.

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ProductsThe OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY SUITE is a web-based intranet solution that automates and makes paperless the generation of the organization’s information database such as Employee Information Management, Daily Time Record, Leaves Management, Employee Locator, Projects Information Management Facilities & Equipments Management.

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services_2Established in 1989, our company has been in the forefront of custom software, firmware and hardware development for more than a decade now. In the Philippines, we are one of the firsts to have ever engaged in the business of firmware and hardware development. Even now, there are only a handful of companies based in the Philippines who have this kind of expertise. From a pioneer of 15 engineers, TGSI organization has grown to over 300 engineers.

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