On the Air and Over the Seas

The way television content is consumed had been changing over the years. From the era broadcasting stations transmitting television programs to our homes, we have come to an age of on-demand video, viewable from any device not just limited to smart TVs at a lower cost. These are all thanks to the advancements in the internet infrastructure and video delivery service providers.

From services like VOD (Video On Demand) and targeted advertising, viewing and monetizing videos has never been easier for consumers and providers alike. However, rapid changes to technology results to an ever increasing number of current software becoming legacy and giving way to newer systems.

TGSI has forged a partnership with a video delivery service provider to maintain and improve their legacy systems by YR2017. It wouldn’t be an easy task to go back in time and figure out how things have been done without the original engineers, designers and architects. But the developers & QA Team of TGSI holds on to their core values of integrity and dedication to deliver excellent support for these old systems and to pave the way for a sea of change for better things to come.