About TGSI

About TGSIWe are the Tsukiden Global Solutions, Inc. or TGSI. Strategically located in the heart of Manila where there is an abundance of Filipino IT talent, we cater to the business applications, telecommunications design, quality assurance, embedded systems and development needs of OEM companies.

Skilled IT Manpower On Demand

TGSI provides its clients the advantage of having our hardworking, committed and talented manpower on demand, where you need it and when you need it at a cost that fits your development budget. When your company is engaged in an important project, we will be there to fill in your IT technical resource requirements. When the project is over, you need not concern yourself with unwanted recurring costs. We quietly disappear into the background, focusing on your next need. Moreover, you need not concern yourself the added costs and burden that comes with having regular employees, such as recruitment, training and maintaining talent. What we provide you is an efficient, dedicated and friendly virtual work force at the tip of your fingertips.

Synergy of 2 Cultures

Together, TSCL and TGSI aims to serve the needs of our clients by combining the best of two worlds—Japanese technology and discipline with the Filipino’s creativity and flexibility. We firmly believe that with the synergy of our 2 cultures we will be able to best serve the varied and changing needs of our clients. We envision a world-class company of software professionals that will be preferred by discerning clients the world over.

Having been successful in the highly competitive Japanese market, we realize that the kind of service we provide becomes all the more important and in demand when companies, huge, medium or small alike are all but vulnerable to the volatility, which fittingly describe the economies of today. We agree that companies should have an alternative that is why TGSI is here to provide it.

TGSI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tsukiden Software Company Limited (TSCL) of Japan. The main office of TSCL is located in Fukushima, Japan.