Our Advantage

lady_small2Proven Track Record for more than 25 years

TGSI is one of the pioneers of IT Outsourcing for the Japanese market here in the Philippines. Since 1989, even before the word “outsourcing” was coined, TGSI has been sending engineers to Japan on-site for software development. With more than 25 years of experience and still growing, there is no other more stable company to outsource to than TGSI.

Process-Oriented Software Development

A key success factor of software development is process discipline. With high turn-over rates and increasingly demanding clients, well-defined and institutionalized processes become all the more important in ensuring that even in mid-way changes in specifications, as is usual with our Japanese clients, the development team is not thrown into chaos and the project remains on track.

World Class , Well-Trained IT Professionals

Our employees are highly skilled software professionals who are not only proficient in their field but also trained and experienced to work in a multilingual, multi-cultural team setting. They have been exposed and known to remain steadfast and composed in an intense and stringent development environment.

We understand that in software development, aside from technical expertise, communication and interpersonal skills play key roles in the success of projects and in building long-term relationships with our clients. That is why we make sure that our engineers are not only technical savvy but also well-rounded, discerning individuals. This is achieved through our rigorous recruitment practices and intensive training programs customized to fit the needs of each of our client.


We offer 30% to more than 50% cost savings on your development costs. By low costs, however, we don’t mean low quality. By carefully determining our client’s needs combined with our experience and tried and tested methodologies in design and project management, we do things right the first time. Schedule overruns and re-coding due to specifications misunderstanding, which are the root causes of creeping costs, are almost always avoided. We therefore provide our clients not only with a competitive price but also work of high quality, resulting to the highest value for money.

Customer Rapport

We Filipinos are by nature, warm and friendly. We are also quite flexible to different kinds of cultures be they eastern, western, southern or northern. That’s probably why you can almost find a Filipino in any corner of the globe, thriving in the service industry. We recognize and are proud of this Filipino trait, something service providers of other countries cannot copy, and we use it to enhance the experience of outsourcing for our valued clients. The fact that almost all Filipinos speak and understand the universal business language which is English also makes it easy for us to deal with most nationalities.