services_2Established in 1989, our company has been in the forefront of custom software, firmware and hardware development for more than a decade now. In the Philippines, we are one of the firsts to have ever engaged in the business of firmware and hardware development. Even now, there are only a handful of companies based in the Philippines who have this kind of expertise. From a pioneer of 15 engineers, TGSI organization has grown to over 300 engineers.



Our main areas of expertise include:


We basically offer 3 kinds of services, ON SITE, Off Site or OFFSHORE or a combination of the three.

ON SITE means we will deploy our manpower to the client’s office at a time and period determined by them. In times when close communication is critical, we recommend our cross-functional teams to go on-site. Derived from years of software development experience, we know for a fact that at the initial and final stages of development when client’s requirements get to be determined and verified, close contact and coordination with customers is very important. There are also cases when the project is being done not only by one company but several. Therefore, frequent synchronization; formal and informal meetings and team dynamics require that all the teams be in one location.

On the other hand, there are stages in the development process when the presence of our technical resource persons is not necessary on site. During these times, we can go off site or offshore. Off Site means that our engineers will be working at a site within easy reach of the client’s location. In Japan, for example, we can work at our parent company’s office in Fukushima or in Tokyo.

OFFSHORE means that our manpower stay here in the Philippines and development will also be done here in our Philippine office. This provides for maximum cost advantage. The deliverables will be submitted to the client on the day and in a form that are agreed upon. OFFSHORE, however, does not mean out of reach and out of contact. Recognizing the need of our clients to have a constant grasp of what is going on from this side of the world, we keep our clients fully informed of our progress via e-mail, telephone or video conferencing.

In reality, exigency and the desired goal of sourcing companies for cost savings dictate that it be a combination of the three. With these 3 kinds of basic set-up, we allow our clients full flexibility in deciding their development requirements.

Customized Project Team Composition

The company continually innovates to further serve the needs of our clients. One innovation that the company offers to its clients is the choice of determining the composition of the development team that would be assigned to them.

Again, from our keen observation and understanding of the market, we know that our Japanese clients would normally prefer to deal with Japanese. We usually therefore package our service such that the interface will be Japanese while the engineers will be Filipino engineers doing the implementation here at our office in Ortigas. The Japanese can either be deployed in Manila, at client site or remain at our office in Japan. On the other hand, some of our Japanese clients would like to maximize on cost savings and do not mind dealing directly with our Japanese-proficient Filipino engineers. And by the way, we also have Filipino-Chinese engineers who can read, speak and write Fookien or Mandarin.

As our clients continue to pour in from different parts of the globe, we know that soon our TGSI family will also have to become international.